Hard industry

  • GREIF a.s. - The Global Leader in Industrial Packaging

  • Czech - machine building, machine reconstruction, safety readjustment, ANDON, seaming and welding monitoring, services
    Germany - seaming monitoring
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - ANDON
  • MAGNA Seating Czech a.s.

  • machine reconstruction, services
  • FEREX ŽSO s.r.o.

  • iron-foundry, services

Glass industry

  • AGC Flat Glass a.s.

  • control SW for glass manipulator, control SW for preparing of chemical compounds, services
  • AGC Automotive Czech, a.s.

  • machine building (AVO), complex production line, parts of production line, services (with ForG, HASU)
  • AGC Automotivee (Brazil Plant)

  • parts of production line (with HASU)
  • AGC Automotive (World)

  • machine building (with ForG, HASU)
  • Český porcelán a.s. Dubí

  • machine building, services (with ForG)

Wood industry

  • Pila Tři duby s.r.o.

  • services for woodworking and sawing machinery
  • Aquaba Energie Centrum a.s.

  • services for woodworking and sawing machinery
  • Pila Vrchoslav s.r.o.

  • machine for automatic hammering nails

Water industry

  • Veolia Czech a.s.

  • clear and dray water - reconstructions of waterworks and water cleaners, replacing system
  • Abess s.r.o.

  • industry cleaning water

Food industry

  • Mondelēz Czech Republic s.r.o.

  • furnace reconstruction, transport flour reconstruction, complex production line, services
  • Cargill Nederland

  • electrical work, software processing lines of chocolate


  • Pierburg s.r.o. Czech

  • checking line for EGR, services
  • Magna International Europe AG Austria

  • control SW for complex production line
  • COOPER standart

  • sawing machinery reconstruction
  • GRAMMER CZ s.r.o.

  • ROS Tech CZ s.r.o.


  • PROFOL s.r.o. Czech Republic

  • service (PVC clingfilm)
  • Arjowiggins healthcare s.r.o.

  • paper reel unit (with ForG)
  • KVK a.s. Košťany

  • reconstruction of production line for dry mortar
  • Duatec CZ s.r.o.

  • Building electrical industrial halls
  • Helios s.r.o.

  • data transmission for photovoltaic power
  • ČEZ a.s. teplárenská

  • service filtration boilers
  • Dendro lift Sweden

  • Safety PLC for control lift equipment for rolling stock